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Postpartum Essentials

I was shocked at how hard recovery after birth was- and I had a relatively easy birth- medication free, intervention free (except for a vacuum to help get Posey out at the every end), and only a 2nd degree tear. The day after Posey was born I felt like I had been in a car accident. It was hard to walk, and every muscle in my body was sore! Luckily it only lasted for a couple of days, and by 4 weeks I felt pretty much back to normal. Here are some things that I would recommend having for postpartum!
Just FYI some of these links will give me a referral bonus (yay! more of the things I love! Thank you!), and some are just things that you really need to know about, and I get no referral credit :)

Natural Minded

Belly & Mama Roller

When Posey’s tummy was upset, I would roll the belly roller around her belly button and massage in a clockwise motion to help with gas. It definitely saved us a few times. I used 1-2 drops of DiGize, and filled the rest with carrier oil- but any digestive support blend works!

My mama roller recipe is my perfume and I wear it everyday to support my emotions and to smell good! It’s so important to try and take care of ourselves during this crazy time and smelling some of your favorite essential oils can help!

Mama roller recipe:

10 drops Stress Away  (Young Living blend of: Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea and Lavender)
5 drops neroli
3 drops rose

Honest Company Diapers
I couldn’t convince my husband to get on board with cloth diapering, so we compromised since I didn’t want to use diapers with chemicals and fragrances. I know all babies are different and it may take some trial and error to find a diaper that works, but so far we love honest company! Plus they have a monthly subscription for their diapers and wipes that get delivered to you so you don’t even have to think about it.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

We bought two of these and have one in our room and one in the nursery. They are the perfect night light for late night feedings, diaper changes, or just general not sleeping-ness. I miss them so much when we travel that I'm thinking I need to buy a portable one to bring with us!

General Life Help

Freezer Meals

My husband and I spent one weekend about a month before I was due, stocking our freezer with meals. We are SO glad we did this. The meals are large enough that we would make them for dinner and be able to eat the leftovers  for lunch the next day. These are the two websites we got most of our recipes from.

Super Healthy Kids

New Leaf Wellness

I made a huge grocery list for all of the recipes we chose, and we went shopping on Saturday, then prepped all day Sunday. It was a full weekend project to make almost 40 meals, but you could definitely do less in a shorter time. Even having just 10 on hand will be so helpful!

Chat Books

When Posey was about 4 weeks old, I realized my phone’s camera roll would never look the same. SO. MANY. PICTURES. And I hate that pictures never leave your phone, but am way too lazy to make photo books on my own. Chat books saves! You can upload pictures automatically from Instagram or Facebook and once you fill up a book it automatically sends you a book of them. You can also make your own books rather than having them sent automatically.

Kiwi Crate

If you have an older kid, Kiwi Crate is amazing for keeping them entertained while you hold your new little one. You just choose your child’s age and they send a box that focuses on science, technology, engineering, math, and/or art. My 7 year old stepson has loved the two he’s received so far, and it makes him feel special when we work on something together or when he can show me what he made.

Down Under ;)

Thinx Underwear

For the first week or two you will be wearing diaper like pads, or possibly just diapers? Some women prefer disposable depends over pads. Once you graduate from those, the Thinx underwear are a lifesaver! It might seem weird at first, but I promise it doesn't feel gross and makes life a little easier without having to change out pads every bathroom visit.


Speaking of going to the bathroom, this spray was a life saver for helping to heal down there. I would spray it down there every bathroom trip and went through an entire bottle in doing so. I also sprayed it the couple weeks before she was due, which is said to help prepare the area so that you are less likely to tear, I don’t know if it helped, but figured it wouldn’t hurt! If you aren’t a Young Living member, or want to DIY your own version, here are the ingredients: Coconut Oil, Myrrh Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Frankincense Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, and Helichrysum Oil


Breastfeeding is HARD! It’s exhausting, messy, and it hurts in the beginning. These pads are amazing and are so needed when your nipples are hurting and you can’t stand the thought of them touching anything ie: a shirt or bra. They are reusable and I used one set continuously for about 5 days. I ended up using these more than a nipple cream.

Motherhood Maternity Bras

Speaking of breastfeeding, say goodbye to all of your non nursing bras. I found 2 bras that I really love and wear daily, though they don’t provide great support- they are perfect for wearing around the house and sleeping. This one is my go to for everyday, it’s super comfortable and not too tight around the band which I found so many were. And this one I use for sleeping and occasional daytime use. Again it’s comfortable because the band isn’t too tight.

Kindred Bravely Nursing Pads

If you aren’t breastfeeding or if you don’t leak, you may not need these. I bought them in advance just in case, and I’m happy with them. I mostly wear them when I’m not at home just in case I leak, which doesn’t happen often. I’m not sure how well they would do if you leaked heavily or often, but for occasional leaks I like them!

Stitch Fix

Once I felt fully like myself again, around 6 weeks postpartum, I realized that I would need some new, nursing friendly, clothes. But shopping with a newborn is not very fun, so Stitch Fix rescued me! You fill out a questionnaire about your size and style, then tell them things that you are looking for, and they send you 5 items in a box! You don’t have to keep any if them if you don’t like them. Each box has a $20 styling fee that is refunded if you do decide to keep anything- the link above waives your first styling fee though if you want to try it out.

Please share any other questions or tips you have in the comments!

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Rollers for Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

So many of you have asked about rollers for labor and after birth, and I'm finally able to share what I used! I also wrote Posey's birth story at the end, in case you want to read :)

I'd recommend making your rollers before you're this big and uncomfortable 😂  It will make the process a little more enjoyable, I think.

I made a total of 6 rollers and kept them in Posey's custom adventure bag from Modern Makerie. I love this bag for rollers and kept it in my hospital bag until after we had Posey then it moved to my diaper bag with new rollers and oils!

I used our rainbow rollers where we donate $1 per bottle sold to the nonprofit: Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support. I also used colorful caps from The Root and Petal. Since Posey is our rainbow baby, I thought it was fitting! 

Here are each of the blends I created and how I used them. For rollers that I knew I wouldn't use after labor, I only filled the bottles about halfway with carrier oil. I used fractionated coconut oil, and for Posey's rollers Beautycounter's baby oil as the carrier oil. 

10 drops peppermint 
6 drops lemon myrtle
3 drops En-R-Gee (Young Living blend of:  Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass, Nutmeg, Balsam Fir, Clove, and Black Pepper)
During labor when I would feel tired, or need a pick me up, I would smell this and roll it on the back of my neck. Peppermint isn't advised to use when baby is born because it may affect milk supply, so I wouldn't use this once you start pushing.
I added a carnelian gemstone roller top to help with energy levels as well. It may also help to invigorate body & mind and increase motivation. Although, meeting your babe is really all the motivation you need to get through labor usually :) 

Hurry up
10 drops clary sage
4 drops jasmine
4 drops cypress
6 drops ylang ylang
The hurry up blend was used on my inner ankles once contractions had started and I wanted to help speed things along. I tried to use it every hour while I was laboring at home, and then it didn't make it in the hospital bag with us and I wish it had! My doula asked if I had clary sage oil with me while I was in transition and sadly I didn't. Maybe make two of this one and have one in your bag so you don'y forget it like I did!
15 drops Valor  (Young Living blend of: Black spruce, Camphor, Blue tansy, Frankincense, and Geranium)
8 drops Joy  (Young Living blend of: Bergamot, Ylang ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman chamomile, Palmarosa, and Rose)
5 drops orange
I used the courage blend when I felt discouraged or when I had any fears. I would smell it from the bottle and also roll it on my wrists. I added an Amazonite gemstone roller top (currently its out of stock, but you can get amazonite in your roller here) to help dispel negative energy, worry, and fear. Plus it's my favorite color and matches the lid perfectly :)
10 drops Stress Away  (Young Living blend of: Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea and Lavender)
5 drops neroli
3 drops rose
I created this to use as my perfume and I use it every day. I used it leading up to Posey's birth as well as after. It helps me a lot when I'm feeling overwhelmed, which can happen a lot as a new mama. Rose is an expensive oil and I never allowed myself to use it (aside from smelling from the bottle) until this roller. It is such a nice treat which I thought was important for myself!
I added a rhodonite gemstone roller top to which may help balance emotions and assist with self-love. 
15 drops copaiba
7 drops lavender
7 drops geranium
The Owie roller was made to use on my tummy after Posey was born to help with getting the placenta out as well as with after birth contractions. Sadly I didn't remember to use it after Posey was born, and looking back it would have been smart of me to tell my doula so that she could have done that for me! Luckily, the placenta came out easily and I didn't have any after birth contractions (though I've heard they get worse after each subsequent birth so I will definitely remember for next time!)
1 drop gentle baby
I use this on Posey for any skin issues (dry skin is our biggest concern currently) and I also rub it on her feet and give her a little foot massage. She loves it and almost instantly relaxes which is so cute to watch. 
And here is Posey's birth story (fair warning, its not short 😂)
Posey Crowley Guinane
December 25, 6:25am
7lbs 15oz
19 inches
Born 40+1
Early labor: 16.5 hours
Active labor: 8 hours
Transition: 4 hours
Pushing: 1.5 hours
After 2 miscarriages and then trying to get pregnant for over a year, we were going to be starting clomid the following month. I told my husband we should take the month off from focusing on getting pregnant since we would most likely be pregnant in a few months with clomid- plus if we got pregnant this month the baby would be due right around Christmas, and that wouldn’t be very fun. 😳 Clearly, Posey heard this and was a determined little girl.

Contractions started overnight on the 23rd/24th but I slept through most of them only waking up a couple of times because of them. I did, however, sleep terribly because we ate Skipolinis famous labor inducing pizza for dinner on the 23rd which gave me the worst heartburn of the entire pregnancy- but perhaps it worked?

The morning of the 24th contractions continued and I really thought at some point they would stop. The 24th was my due date and I knew how uncommon it was to deliver on your due date! My mom, sister, and Grandma were coming over to have dinner and I texted them letting them know I was having contractions so maybe they should come over and we could eat earlier just in case.

My family arrived and we opened presents and decorated cookies while waiting for  dinner to cook. My contractions continued to get stronger but were still very manageable where I could talk and walk through them. We ate dinner around 4 and I was ready for everyone to leave by the time we finished, so we said goodbye and they wished us luck!

By about 5:30, I was ready for our doula to join us at home. My husband put on Harry Potter for us to watch (my fav 🤗⚡️) and my doula helped me by timing my contractions and doing massage and acupressure through them.

By about 8pm my contractions were lasting a minute and were 1-3 mins apart. I had to stop to breathe through them but still felt they were very manageable and in between would feel normal, having conversations etc. My doula wasn’t sure what to do since contractions were close together, but I was so calm through everything- she said I was very hard to read 😂

By 8:30 we agreed I was ready to go to the hospital so we packed the car and went! When we arrived they made us sign a bunch of paperwork and then the lady asked if I was being induced 😳🤔🙄 and I couldn’t believe I had to tell her no, I’m in labor now.

As we walked down the hall, my OB was on call that night and said to us (Posey really)- Good girl! Right on time! We were excited that she was the doctor on call. Her name is also Hailey, and she performed the version that flipped Posey from breech just a couple weeks earlier!

We got to our room and the nurses were ready for us- we were the only people in labor and delivery! They checked me and I was at 5cm. I was slightly disappointed only because I had already been at 3cm before going into labor and contractions felt pretty intense by this point and I knew I still had a ways to go. The nurses started to get me ready for wireless monitoring and had to scratch my skin with sandpaper like tape to get the sensors to stick. The monitor wasn’t working so they had to rescratch me which hurt a lot- and eventually had to move us to a different room where they got the monitor to work.

At this point labor gets a little fuzzy. I remember my doula telling me to try different things like walking, changing positions and eventually suggested the shower. It was the most wonderful shower I’d ever had- it really helped slow the contractions so I could rest a little. The wireless monitor wasn’t handling the shower well though and my husband would try to stick it back on but it would hurt every time it touched my skin so I asked to take it off and be monitored intermittently to which the nurses agreed.

After spending about 45 mins in the shower, I continued to labor mostly on the bed in different positions because contractions hurt too bad while I was standing. My doula wanted to get my water to break because she knew it would help speed things along so I laid with a peanut ball between my legs and eventually my water did break!

This entire part of labor is still very fuzzy for me, I felt like I was yelling through each contraction (my husband says I wasn’t) and I just remember squeezing the bed rail as hard as I could to get through them.  Looking back our best guess was that I was in transition for 4 hours. I never asked for an epidural, but do remember asking to just be done. Like I guess I thought I could just go lay down and sleep through the rest? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Transition makes you so logical.

Eventually my body starting pushing- like it wanted everything out of my body so I also threw up. The nurses in their sweet voices were like it’s not time to push Haylee and I yelled back I’m not trying to- it’s my body, I can’t control it! 😂

I was only at 9cm I think by this point but my body wasn’t really stopping so they brought in the doctor just to check and she gave the go ahead to push!

Pushing was so much harder than I thought it would be, I understood what they wanted me to do, but physically it was exhausting. After an hour and a half of pushing, my Dr. said she would give me one more contraction to get her out on my own and then would need to use a vacuum to help get her out since her heart rate had declined. I remember thinking and possibly saying yes please just get her out! They did end up using the vacuum and my doctor said this is the lowest baby she’s ever had to use a vacuum on- she’s practically already out. And with just one push and the vacuum our girl was here!

They put her immediately skin to skin and after about 5 minutes, she wasn’t crying well so they took her to the warmer to check her and suction out fluid. She was only there for a few minutes and they brought her right back and we had skin to skin for over an hour.

Overall, our birth went really well with almost no interventions and we loved the hospital staff. They were all so kind and respectful during the entire process. Though I do remember thinking after it was over- I want the epidural next time. But looking back now that a month has passed I think I could do it again, as long as it’s shorter the second time like everyone promises 😂

Total time from first contraction to her birth: 30 hours
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Crystals + Oils

We often get asked: How do I use crystals with my oils?

If you are just starting to use crystals, it’s similar to when you first started using oils- there is so much to learn about which ones to use when and how to use them. Just like with oils, the more practice the more comfortable you will feel using them! We’ve created this getting started guide to help you start your journey!

Why use crystals with your essential oils at all?

This is the simplest explanation, with much more research that can be done on the subject.

Many people believe in the healing energies of crystals. Humans are made up of energies that are constantly changing based on our moods, behaviors, and even our surroundings. Crystals also give off energy- but because of their crystalline structure, their energy is constant -not changing like ours. Because of this, they can help us rebalance our own energies.

How to use crystals + oils

Step 1: Identify which crystals to use.

Many people believe that just by looking at crystals, or picking them up and holding them, you will be able to tell which ones your body needs because you will be drawn to it. Once you choose one using this method, you can research its benefits by doing a quick google search for the name of the crystal and “healing properties.” Then identify why you were drawn to it by choosing the benefit that best fits your current need.

You can also work the opposite from above, by reading brief descriptions on different crystals and choosing the one that you feel you need based on the description. 

Step 2: Choose an oil that pairs well.

Once you have chosen your crystal, and identified why you need to use the crystal, then you can choose an oil to pair with it. Understanding your desired end result after working with the crystal and oils will give you the best results. Having a reference guide for your essential oils is also helpful at this stage since it will allow you to look up your specific concern and then recommend oils to use.

For example, if you chose Amethyst as your crystal and after researching, feel you need it for confidence, then look to your oils reference guide and choose an oil(s) you would use for confidence.

Whimsy + Wellness offers two ways to use crystals with your oils

Our Crystal Collection showcases the crystals inside of a clear roller bottle. You can mix your blend as usual, adding the essential oils and carrier oil directly into the bottle with the crystals.

Our Gemstone Roller Tops fit standard 10ml roller bottles and replace the usual plastic, glass, or metal ball with a genuine gemstone. You can add the tops to any of your already made roller blends, or combine them with a roller bottle from the crystal collection to create the perfect combo for your needs.

Either method will deliver the energy from the crystals, and it is just personal preference for which method you choose!

Crystal Rollers
(available to purchase here)
These crystals are hand chosen by me at gemstone and mineral shows around the United States. Let their energy mix with your essential oils blends and experience all of earth's treasures!

Amethyst: A good overall stone, can be used for protection, balance, and help with confidence

Amazonite: Courage and truth, dispels negative energy, worry, and fear

Apatite: Motivation, Energy, Goals, growth

Aquamarine: Courage, calms the mind, useful for closure, promotes self-expression

Blue Calcite: Restores balance, stone of trust and communication

Chrysocolla: Communication, teaching stone, encourages compassion, peace, and forgiveness

Clear Quartz: An ultimate healer, amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed to it

Emerald: Enhances unity, promotes friendship, calming effect, brings positive actions

Emerald Calcite: supportive during times of change, peaceful stone

Garnet: Positive stone, uplifting, inspires love and devotion

Herkimer DiamondAllows appreciation of inner self, healing of all types

Lapis Lazuli: wisdom, good judgement, desire for knowledge, stone of truth

Orange Kyanite: creativity, optimism, encourages playfulness of our inner child, self esteem

Peridot: overcoming fear resentment helps move forward, manifest abundance in life

Pink Lemurian Seeds (quartz): Unconditional love, spiritual awareness, female energy, meditation, connection with angels

Pink Opal: stone of renewal, calming, emotional balance

Pyrite: protective, creativity, energizes, leadership

Rainbow Moonstone: A calming stone that assists in change and brings insight

Rhodolite (a variety of Garnet): A warm and trusting stone stimulates contemplation, inspiration and intuition

Rose Quartz: The ultimate love & relationship stone

Ruby: Energy, love stone, increases concentration & motivation

Sapphire: focus, love and commitment brings joy and restores balance in body

Sunstone: leadership, joyful stone, inspires nurturing of self 

Tangerine Quartz: May help let go of the past, emotional grounding, soothing, and may boost creative energy

Tanzanite: meditation, connecting mind and heart, helps communication

Topaz: stone of love and good fortune, confidence, goals, joyful

Tourmaline: promotes understanding of self, attracts inspiration, compassion

Turquoise: protective stone, promotes calming, and creative problem solving


Gemstone Roller Tops
(available to purchase here)
Add a gemstone roller to any roller bottle to bring the healing energies from crystals  into your essential oils.

Amethyst: A good overall stone, can be used for protection, balance, and help with confidence.

Aragonite: Grounding, aids concentration, acceptance.

Aventurine: Safety, inner harmony, protector of heart chakra.

Black Onyx: May help with grief, self control, taking charge, and decision making.

Bloodstone: Cleanses and purifies the body, grounding energy.

Blue Goldstone: Deflector of unwanted energies, useful for advancements in career.

Blue Lace Agate: Communication, confidence, speaking one’s truth.

Carnelian: Invigorates the body and mind, restores motivation and stimulates creativity.

Clear Quartz: Amplifies energy or intent programmed into it, the perfect beginners stone

Crazy Lace Agate: The laughter stone, brings joy and stimulating for the mind.

Green Jade: Brings feelings of love and passion, invigorating and motivating

Hematite: Fosters connection to the earth, is grounding, and evokes deep thought.

Labradorite: Mental sharpness, inspiration, lets you see many possibilities at once

Leopard Jasper: Brings tranquility and wholeness, keeps spirits up

Moonstone: A calming stone that assist in change and bring insight.

Opalite: Boosts self esteem, calming, brings peace

Rainbow Fluorite: Good for focusing the mind

Rhodonite: Emotional balancer that assists with forgiveness and self-love. Clears away emotional wounds and encourages reconciliation.

Snowflake Obsidian: Provides balance for mind, body, and spirit. Good for meditation to bring peace of mind.

Sodalite: Promotes truth, integrity, and communication

Tiger Eye: Lifts mood and good for courage and new beginnings. A feel-good stone.

Turquoise Howlite: May be used for calming, self-awareness, creativity, and helping to speak one's mind.

White Howlite: A wonder stone for calming upset states of mind and emotion


The healing properties of the gemstone described here have been compiled from various sources. Many of them are traditional uses of this gemstone. No claims have been made about the suitability of this stone for healing or for curing diseases. We do not make any medical claim for gemstones. This is not medical advice. You may consult a qualified professional to do that. The information here is provided to allow the informed user to make their own decision. The information provided here has not been evaluated or approved by FDA or any other agencies of any government.


Books for getting started with crystals

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

A great overview of crystals and then lists hundreds of the most popular crystals and their benefits.

The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt

A great starter’s guide to using crystals for healing, from how to choose and cleanse crystals to different ailments and which crystals are recommended. A short list of popular crystals as well as their benefits. A short, yet comprehensive book.

Crystals for Healing by Karen Frazier

A simple to use guide that focuses on emotions and which crystals are best used for specific issues. Also includes a short guide on popular crystals and their benefits.

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DIY Perfume with Essential Oils

Making your own perfume with essential oils is not only fun and affordable, but it also will save you from over 3,100 chemicals that hide behind the word “fragrance.”

Fragrance. Just a simple little word that is on so many bottles that we use everyday. Can you believe that it’s actually covering up thousands of chemicals that are harmful to our bodies?! The fragrance industry lobbied to keep their secret formulas secret. Since it was considered part of their trade, the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, which requires cosmetic companies to disclose their ingredients, doesn’t apply to fragrance.


I know. So….

Why should I avoid it? Environmental Working Group (EWG) researchers found more than 75 percent of products listing the ingredient “fragrance” contained phthalates (THAL-ates) which have been shown to disrupt hormone activity, reduce sperm counts, and cause reproductive malformation, and have been linked to liver and breast cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Additionally, studies by Dr. Philip J. Landrigan of the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center, link fetal exposure with autism, ADHD, and neurological disorders. // You can read the rest of this article here.

😳  Yep. But don’t worry! With essential oils by your side, you can make everything smell amazing naturally! Not only will it smell fantastic, but essential oils do great things for your body. Double win. 🎉

You may have heard of top notes, middle notes, and base notes to describe different fragrances and here is what each means:

Top notes (20-40% of blend): First impression of a perfume, evaporate quickest

Middle notes (40-80%): The heart of the perfume, appearing after the top notes evaporate, warm and balancing

Base notes (10-25%): Appear after the others evaporate- grounding, deep, and rich

To create your perfect perfume you can follow the guidelines for the amount of each note. A 5ml roller bottle is perfect when you are experimenting with blends and you can use anywhere from 10-30 drops of essential oil per bottle depending on how strong you want the perfume to be. If you stick to the middle, and do 20 drops, you would do approximately 5 drops of top note oils, 12 drops of middle note oils, and 3 drops of base note oils. Keep in mind that this is only a guideline and you are able to create anything you want! The beauty of DIYing your own perfume? You can’t really mess it up.

Along with notes, there are a few fragrance categories that oils fall into. They will be listed at the end of this post, along with which note they are, so have this reference handy when making your blend!

To get an idea of how certain oils smell together, place them in a group on the table with their lids off and smell. It give you an idea of how they will blend before putting them in your bottle!

Make sure you write down all of the blends you make! It will be hard to remember, and you will definitely find one you love and will need to be able to recreate the magic!


What you need:

5ml rollers bottle

Carrier oil of choice (fractionated coconut oil is my personal fave)

Essential oils

Mix 10-30 drops of your favorite essential oils into the roller bottle, following the guidelines above (or be a rebel and do your own thing) then fill with carrier oil of choice. Use our handy roller tool to pop the roller piece on and roll all day.

Want to make your perfume even more magical? Add a gemstone roller for extra good vibes.


-Fragrance categories and notes for some popular essential oils-


Top Notes




Jade Lemon







Florals blend well with spicy, citrus and woodsy oils.

Top Notes


Middle Notes



Ylang Ylang


Minty oils blend well with citrus, woodsy, herby, and earthy oils.

Top Notes





Herby oils blend well with minty, citrus, woodsy, and earthy oils.

Top Notes


Middle Notes





Earthy oils blend well with floral, woodsy, and citrus oils.

Base Notes






Spicy oils blend well with florals and citrus oils.

Top Notes



Middle Notes



Black Pepper


Base Notes



Woodsy oils generally blend well with everything.

Top Notes



Middle Notes

Tea Tree






Palo Santo

Base Notes

Idaho Balsam Fir



Photos courtesy of the lovely Beth from True Love Studio

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